faculty members to reduce costs

Faculty Cuts: A Grim Reality

The COVID- 19 pandemic has led to massive unemployment across the world, particularly in the US. While several corporate businesses are laying off employees with years of experience, universities and colleges are doing the same with their non-tenure-track and online adjunct faculty

The Plight of Faculty Members

Money Matters

With several projects delayed and admissions deferred due to the pandemic, universities are losing money. Canceled events, student move-outs, advanced cleaning procedures, and online teaching have all brought unanticipated expenses. This has forced universities to make difficult decisions involving faculty members to reduce costs.

Missouri Western State University, St. Edward’s University, the University of Massachusetts, and Linfield College have announced faculty cuts, pay reductions or one-year terminal contracts. Others are planning to hire professors and lecturers based on semester-by-semester contracts. 

Personal Problems

Faculty members who have devoted years to teaching are finding it emotionally difficult to cope. Many of them had hoped to use university discounts to fund their children’s education. Reduced employment benefits and sabbatical budget cuts are other issues senior faculty members face.

Faculty Cuts Begin, with Warnings of More to Come

Universities also have various other things to plan, apart from budget constraints. New course structures with flexible remote learning options, campus reorganization to enforce social distancing in public areas, and measures to prevent or reduce student dropouts are primary concerns of the university administrations. Non-tenured faculty members are also looking for other employment opportunities, if not hoping for a renewal of their tenures.

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