HR Organizational Design

Human Resources Organizational Design


New economic realities have led institutions toward an increase focus on the management of the institutions human resources. We offer consulting services that include exploration of the human resources goals of an institution and the development of new strategies with campus leadership.

McKnight brings years of experience in human resources management in major academic campuses and medical centers. We assist our clients in the development of long-term human resource allocation plans that meet both the financial and productivity objectives of the institution.

  • Assess the strengths & weaknesses of current HR operations.
  • Review the functions and currently delivery systems through structure, technology, and practices of the organization.
  • We conduct individual interviews with key members of campus leadership to identify their goals of the institution, the people related values by which the institution should be governed, in the current and long term service needs they perceive the institution to have.
  • The campus stakeholders are often surveyed by electronic questionnaires or focus groups to collect their perceptions of service needs.
  • Technology requirements for both campus customers and HR office staff are assessed. the efficiency of HR delivery systems is evaluated and specific recommendations provided.
  • Our written report provides a formal summary of the research findings and conclusions.