Faculty Compensation

Faculty Compensation


Our faculty compensation services develop appropriate strategies that address equity issues between recent faculty hires, potential new hires, and incumbent hires. We focus upon three elements that provide a high level of results:

Market Equity
We provide a market study of benchmark institutions within higher education to ensure that the Institution’s salaries are competitive and supportive of recruitment and retention.

Internal Equity
We provide a salary “inversion” or “compression” analysis to identify internal equity issues at the individual faculty member level by academic discipline and rank.

Implementation Plan
We provide an implementation plan that allows for financial adjustment through a multi-year approach.

The return on investment, therefore, will be improved recruitment, retention, and overall employee satisfaction with the faculty compensation program.

We recognize that the Institution is accountable to a number of stakeholders and that financial resources plays an important role in providing a salary program that is responsible to the stake holders as well as the Institution interests.