Faculty & Staff Benefits Survey "eBenefits"

McKnight Associates, Inc. provides electronic surveys as a means of quickly and efficiently measuring staff and faculty engagement with the institution. We officer two important surveys to assess perceptions within the institution.

Faculty and Staff Benefits Survey “eBenefits


Our eBenefits survey is administered online and is fully customizable. It offers a wide range of administration options (from total anonymity to linked and targeted surveys).

  • Demographics allow comparisons by a variety of characteristics.
  • Attitudes Toward Benefits questions offers a way to assess overall feelings about the benefits package and how it is used at the institution as recruitment and retention tool.
  • Communication About Benefits survey questions explore how well the institution is educating staff and faculty on their benefits package
  • Benefits Importance ratings are at the heart of the survey – a series of questions asking respondents to assess the relative importance of each aspect of their benefits package. These questions are tailored to fit your institution.
  • Choices, Exchanges and Relative Value questions assess value among different subsets of benefits and explore how employees might decide among benefits when hard choices must be made.

The eBenefits survey further allows institutional decision makers to shape or tailor benefits for different groups, and to make policy decisions and budgetary decisions that are backed by hard data. In addition, when used in concert with external benefit cost comparisons and benchmark data, institutions can make educated and informed decisions about where to allocate benefit resources.