Climate Survey "eClimate"

McKnight Associates, Inc. provides electronic surveys as a means of quickly and efficiently measuring staff and faculty engagement with the institution. We officer two important surveys to assess perceptions within the institution.

Climate Survey “eClimate”


McKnight Associates, Inc. and Baird Consulting provide survey measurement services offered to colleges, universities, and academic medical centers. The firm has a new database comprised of more than 125,000 higher education employees, faculty, staff, and physicians.

  • The Core Questionnaire provides measurements among other institutions that have participated in prior surveys.
  • Development of Custom Design Surveys is a process of working with one or more groups of faculty, staff, and leadership to develop “custom design” survey items that can be added to the core survey.
  • Development of Survey Groupings subdivides the survey results by department or work unit within major segments of the campus survey.
  • Survey Administration Methodologies include online survey completion via internet or intranet by faculty or staff having computer access. “Paper-and-Pencil” survey completion is also available as is mailing the survey to a designated location.
  • Survey Analysis Results is written group-by-group and item-by-item in a narrative report.
  • Survey Feedback and Problem Solving is a sequence of events used to communicate survey results and plan appropriate actions.

The consulting services of McKnight and Baird focus on the work environment of higher education. We will assist you in the development of campus-wide action plans to address issues identified in the survey.