Executive Compensation

Executive Compensation


Institutions of Higher Education have witnessed significant challenges to their financial resources, enrollment, research base, and physical plant. The recruitment and retention of talented executive officers have become a challenge for institutions nationally. A total compensation strategy that addresses this challenge is important to the future of these institutions.

Viewing pay from a total compensation perspective is essential to the objectives of executive compensation. We work with you to demonstrate the most effective use of each component of total compensation including base pay, variable pay (incentives), and indirect pay (benefits & perquisites). 


Our Approach to Executive Compensation Services

We believe the process of change requires involvement of the people most affected by the change (i.e., the Trustees and executive leadership together as a team). To that end, our studies include a plan for incorporating the viewpoints of Board Members and executive leadership in developing the goals of the executive compensation plans. This collaborative approach will help ensure that the change is implemented in a way that is consistent with the goals and mission of the Institution.