California State University Faculty and Workers Express Growing Concerns, concerns shared by CSU faculty and staff

California State University Faculty and Workers Express Growing Concerns

Learn about the serious concerns shared by CSU faculty and staff.

Recently, meetings between CSU trustees and the California Faculty Association (CFA) revealed some major issues that campus faculty and workers would like to address.  While the system is set to expand, with approvals to purchase land for a proposed Mission Valley stadium and expand the San Diego State University campus, CSU faculty and staff share concerns over the current state of the system.

For instance, CFA members proposed that trustees and government officials do more to strengthen the statewide higher education system.  Their suggestions included improving faculty salaries, placing mental health counselors on all campuses, increasing campus safety, offering paid/unpaid leave options, and fostering inclusivity among the LGTBQ community and persons with disabilities.

Another issue that faculty and staff are concerned about is that students are being turned away from CSU campuses due to overcrowding.  This forces many students to bide their time at community colleges or turn to out-of-state colleges and universities.  In response to this growing concern, the Public Policy Institute of California announced a plan to share student data to figure out why California students are slipping through the cracks.  The CFA is hopeful that the information will help understand why California students are being denied entry to CSUs, as well as provide insight on how to improve graduation rates.

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