The UC System Decides to Keep Mandatory ACT and SAT Scores, ACT and SAT requirements

The UC System Decides to Keep Mandatory ACT and SAT Scores

The University of California system maintains ACT and SAT requirements for admission.

In early February, a panel appointed by the University of California’s (UC) Academic Senate released its report on the system’s ACT and SAT requirements.  The main conclusion from the report is that the UC system should continue to require standardized test scores for admission.

For critics of college entrance exams, this news came as a disappointment.  However, it is important to note that the report does not completely rule out the elimination of standardized-testing requirements.  Instead, it rules that ACT and SAT requirements should continue as additional research is done to explore the potential consequences of dropping the requirement.

Throughout the report, the panel listed their reasons for maintaining the standardized-testing requirements.  Some of the panel’s major conclusions include the following:

  • ACT/SAT scores were currently better predictors of first-year GPA than high school grade-point average.
  • Standardized-test scores counterbalance the different grading patterns seen at different high schools.
  • ACT/SAT test scores give talented students who do not perform well in high school a chance to shine.
  • ACT/SAT scores help contextualize applicant grades.
  • Major differences in ACT/SAT scores between student groups do not result in major differences in admission rates.

While the UC system will continue to require ACT/SAT scores for applicants, the report indicates that this is not a final decision.  Should the additional research find that standardized-test results skew admission decisions, then the system would cut the requirement and develop an alternative instrument to measure applicant qualifications.

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