What You Should Know About the Aim Higher Act, Aim Higher Act

What You Should Know About the Aim Higher Act

Learn about the Aim Higher Act and it’s plan to reorganize and make higher education more accessible to all students.

In response to the Republican backed PROSPER Act (H. R. 4508) that aims to cut nearly $15 billion from federal student aid, the House Democrats have introduced the Aim Higher Act (H.R. 6543).  The purpose of the Aim Higher Act is to make higher education more affordable and accessible to every student, and help them secure a debt-free degree or credential that leads them to a rewarding career.

The Aim Higher Act looks to improve enrollment opportunities and institutional quality for low-income and underrepresented students via a multi-pronged approach.  For instance, the act looks to accomplish the following:

  • Support the ability of high school student to earn post-secondary credits early
  • Improve access for vulnerable student populations who have traditionally been excluded from college
  • Strengthen existing access programs such as TRIO and GEAR UP
  • Improve available post-secondary data to help students make more informed and better decisions
  • Strengthen institutional accountability while assisting institutions to improve student outcomes

Additionally, to achieve the goal of making college more affordable, the Act also strives to accomplish the following:

  • Increase grant aid for low-income students
  • Empower students to work and earn while still in college
  • Improve the federal student loan system
  • Create a federal-state partnership to incentivize states to reinvest in higher education and reduce college costs
  • Invest in accessible open education resources

Finally, because a college degree is an integral component in helping individuals achieve economic mobility, the Aim Higher Act looks to increase rates of college completion across the country.  The Act proposes the following to meet this goal:

  • Support multiple pathways to college completion
  • Improve remedial education to ensure that students enter college with the necessary skills to succeed academically
  • Invest in student supports
  • Support innovation with transparency and accountability
  • Create a strong national security workforce
  • Strengthen teacher education
  • Invest in historically black and minority-serving colleges, universities, and institutions

This is what you need to know about the Democrat backed Aim Higher Act.  Curious to know how this Act could potentially change the higher education landscape as we know it?  Then contact the professionals at McKnight Associates, Inc.  We are ready to offer you hands-on human resources consulting for colleges, universities, medical centers, and organizations of all sizes.