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Districts to Rethink Schedules Amid Coronavirus Closures

The COVID- 19 pandemic has created a huge impact on major economic systems around the world. Students and educational institutions around the world are also facing a lot of challenges. Amid all this chaos and disorder, the districts have been given new opportunities to rethink schedules for students confined to their homes.

According to a survey, 489 school districts in the USA have already been closed, and 22 more are scheduled to close in response to the COVID- 19 outbreak. This has forced the districts to rethink schedules as they are already lagging.

Many schools have switched to online or distance learning programs. They offer learning materials and courses free of cost to students.

What Needs to Be Considered Before the Districts Rethink the Schedule

Before the districts rethink the schedule, they have to keep in mind what impact it will have on students. Will they suffer, or will they prosper is the question that needs to be asked. The current situation may be difficult for the students in their final year. The districts have to consider the students’ mindset and what they actually look for when rethinking the schedule.

What Should Be Suggested Before the Communities Rethink the Schedule?

Educationists may state that the new academic year should be limited to eight months. This academic year should then be further divided into two semesters of four months, each with reduced portions of the current curriculum. We have to be very smart about all of these. Otherwise, it may affect students and their future education.

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