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Interesting Things to Know About the Gender Pay Gap

Understanding the gender pay gap.

While most people know what the gender pay gap is and what it entails, many do not know anything beyond the basics.  Here are some of the interesting facts about the gender pay gap that the American Association of University Women found.

  • The “Motherhood Penalty” Persists

The “motherhood penalty” refers to the fact that mothers, even those who have never left the workplace, get paid less than other women.  Mothers are also less likely to get hired than women who do not have children.  Men do not experience any loss of earnings when they become fathers.  In fact, many fathers experience a wage increase after having a child.

  • Gender Transitions Affect Pay

People who transition from male to female experience a drop in pay.  Meanwhile, people who transition from female to male do not see a drop in pay; in fact, some see a salary increase.

  • The Pay Gap Increases as Women Age

Women between the ages of 55 and 64 are paid 78% as much as men who are the same age as them.  This gap is more than twice the gap that women aged 20-24 experience.  This shows that as women progress in their careers, their median earnings grow far more slowly than their male counterparts.

  • Latinas Face the Widest Gap

Latinas earn just 53% of what white men make annually.  Black women earn 61% of what their white male counterparts bring home every year.  Latinas are paid less than white and Asian women, even when they have the same educational credentials.

  • There is One Job Where Women Earn More Than Men

There is only one job where women are typically paid more than men.  In wholesale or retail buying occupations, women usually earn about $4,000 more than men.  The occupations with the smallest pay gaps include food workers, writers, counsellors, pharmacists, and social workers.  The largest gaps are seen with financial services sales agents, financial managers, and financial advisors.

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