How COVID- 19 is Affecting Colleges and Universities

COVID- 19 has become a global pandemic, so people are practicing some preventive measures to protect themselves from contracting the disease. One of the important preventative measures is social distancing, where people have to stay away from each other and not come into proximity.

Coronavirus Impact on Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities are opting for online classes to maintain progress with their academics. Students are facing unusual circumstances. Here are a few facts of coronavirus impact on colleges:

  • Changes have been made in domains like grading, document changes, and credit hours. Funds are being raised for international students and emergency student aid. Universities are coming up with a fresh outlook for researching residential universities.
  • More demands are being made for funding by higher education groups to Congress. Test-optional policies to give flexibility to students during the pandemic.
  • Medical students who want to assist during the outbreak are unable to do due to a lack of clinical hours of practice.
  • Colleges are administering their institutions to provide shelter for patients and healthcare professionals. Additionally, both ACT and SAT entrances will be held online if K-12 doesn’t open.
  • Modification of eligibility and campus closure has taken place in some of the universities. Many institutions are suffering a huge loss due to the pandemic.
  • Online education is more likely to be a preferable choice. Many universities are opting for alumni relief from student loans to combat the current situation.

This is how coronavirus impacts colleges and universities. There is no doubt that the COVID-19 outbreak has affected a lot of domains and economic sectors around the world. Looking for a consulting firm with experience working on salary, legal, and other human resources issues? Contact the professionals at McKnight Associates, Inc. Our professionals are ready to assist you with all your legal and human resources issues during the pandemic.