man signing letter, Congress to provide permanent protection for Dreamers

Colleges and Universities Across the Country Band Together to Protect Dreamers

Hundreds of higher education institutions sign letter asking Congress to provide permanent protection for Dreamers.

In an effort to shield their students, over 600 college and university presidents have signed a letter asking Congress to pass bipartisan legislation that would extend permanent protection for Dreamers.  The letter urges Congress to take action ahead of the upcoming Supreme Court hearing on DACA.

The letter states,

“We believe it is long overdue for Congress to pass bipartisan legislation, in both the House and Senate, to provide permanent protection for Dreamers—young, undocumented, high-achieving individuals brought to our country as children.  We understand the Supreme Court will soon be considering DACA. But regardless of the Court’s decision, legislative action will remain necessary.”

Earlier this year, the House approved legislation that would protect Dreamers.  However, the Senate failed to pass it on their end, leaving Dreamers in a state of political and legal uncertainty.  The letter points out that an overwhelming number of Americans support legislation that offers support to Dreamers.  A 2018 poll conducted by CNN showed that over 80% of Americans, across partisan lines, supported Congress protecting Dreamers.

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