AAUP’s Annual Report Shows that Faculty Salaries are Up 3%

AAUP’s Annual Report Shows that Faculty Salaries are Up 3%

Explore the findings of the AAUP’s Annual Report on the Economic Status of the Profession:2017-18.

According to the AAUP’s (American Association of University Professors) annual report, the average salaries for full-time faculty members increased by about 3% over the past year.  When adjusted for inflation, this amounts to about a 1% increase.

More than 1,000 institutions representing 378,865 full-time faculty members responded to the survey.  According to the data collected, the average salary for a full professor was $104,820.  Associate professors earned an average of $81,274, assistant professors earned $70,791, lecturers earned $56,712, and instructors earned $59,400.

Every year, AAUP’s analysis investigates different aspects of faculty pay.  This year, the survey examined salary compression, or when professors at lower ranks are paid close to what higher-ranked professors earn as a result of market factors and individual differences at their points of hire.  Oftentimes, salary compression issues negatively affect faculty morale and lead to higher rates of faculty turn over.  The report revealed that the average salary difference between associate and assistant professors was about $10,600.

This year’s report also examined the effects of state education budget cuts on faculty salaries.  In states with significant decreases in higher education support, universities have responded by drastically underfunding public pensions.  This has resulted in a continually worsening retirement crisis for faculty members under the age of 40.

Finally, the report also looked into gender pay disparities.  This year’s data revealed that 93% of all participating institutions pay male faculty more than female faculty members at the same rank.  The report went on to express that, while women have made significant strides towards pay parity, they continue to face obstacles that prevent them from breaking into the highest paid rank of full professor.  The report had a bleak outlook, stating that, “available data clearly show that more work is needed to end the pay gap in higher education. No change in gender inequity is visible as faculty advance through the professorial ranks, indicating that equity is not likely to be achieved in the near future.”

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